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In the world of startup financing, a convertible note is a popular way to raise funds. A convertible note is essentially a loan that can convert into equity in the company at a later date, typically when the company raises its next round of funding. This allows startups to raise money without having to immediately determine the value of their company, which can be difficult in the early stages.

If you`re a startup founder looking to raise funds with a convertible note, it`s important to have a solid convertible note agreement template in place. Here are some key elements to include in your template:

1. Conversion Terms: This section should outline the conditions under which the convertible note will convert into equity, such as a minimum amount of capital raised or a specific date. It should also specify the conversion rate, which determines how many shares of equity the investor will receive for each dollar invested.

2. Interest and Maturity: A convertible note is essentially a loan, so it`s important to include terms for interest and maturity. The interest rate should be reasonable and competitive with market rates, and the maturity date should give the startup enough time to raise additional funding before the note comes due.

3. Pre-Money Valuation Cap: While the convertible note allows startups to delay determining their valuation, it`s still important to include a pre-money valuation cap in case the company`s valuation skyrockets before the next funding round. This ensures that investors get a fair share of equity without dilution.

4. Investor Rights: The convertible note agreement should include provisions for investor rights, such as the right to participate in future funding rounds or the right to receive regular updates on the company`s progress.

5. Governing Law: Finally, the convertible note agreement should specify the governing law, which is typically the state in which the startup is incorporated. This ensures that any disputes are resolved in compliance with state law.

By including these key elements in your convertible note agreement template, you can ensure that your startup raises funds in a fair and transparent manner, while protecting the interests of both investors and founders.